Please enjoy our unique experience while ordering your new garment from d’Avenza.

Our lookbook will guide you through our extensive range of over 200 luxury cloths from mills such as Loro Piana, Zegna, Reda and Vitale Barberis Canonico, to choose your fabric.

Our consultant will then illustrate all the options available to customize your new garment and fashion it into a unique piece truly made for you.

d’Avenza has designed a revolutionary measuring system. The system uses 6 body measurements along with the Fit App which is incorporated in our mirror to deveop your exclusive pattern.

At d’Avenza we pride ourselves on our sustainability and apart from a few perennial products we do not promote ready to wear but belive in a system where our customers can receive a made to order product in 28 days leaving no dead stock and overproduction.

A garment
made in Europe
WITH the most
luxurious fabrics.

Depending on the type of construction and the level of detail desired, we can offer you two different types of production :
Made in Italy or Made in Romania. (see suit rating system). Whether in Tuscany or Botosani, d’Avenza or d’Avenza Roma garments are made with the greates care.

The quality of our products is also linked to the meticulous selection of our fabrics. We are partners of the most renowned weavers of Biella and Huddersfield. It is here, in the North of Italy and England that the best cloth mills have been perpetuating their know-how for several generations. Our lookbooks with over 200 fabrics were selected to be sustainable and museling free. 

Thanks to our
on-demand  system,
create your own !

Once you have chosen the cloth customize your garment to be your own. Follow the different steps through our configurator and choose the details that will make the difference.

To name a few you can choose: shoulder-type, lapel width, pocket shapes, lining colour, buttons…

In addition to being the best solution to dress you, on-demand production is the best solution for the planet. No overproduction, no stock, no unsold, no wated energy, no unnecessary transport!

fit app,
an easy measurement assisted by
artificial intelligence.

Live a unique and easy measurement experience. With only 6 measurment to the bodies and two pictures of you, we can determine the size of the garment you will need.Then you can try the recommended size by the system thanks to the try-ons.